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I’m dying.

Well, not yet. Not for some time. Same chance as you have of dying. Well, slightly more…

You just never know when you’re going to die and I don’t think some people might be immortal, or at least very very long lived. I’ve read about a few of them. This one, for example. Or this one.

Anyway, I’m just saying… 😦

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I had a Think!

I thought that I would care about the world after I’m gone, but I’m not going to care about anything when that happens.


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There is a god, and his name is Bob!

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I still find it hard to believe that most people still think that god exists and his name is Bob.


His name is God? What kind of name is that for a god. That’s like naming a fish the Fish.


I speak of course of the Christian god. But then that is my argument against there being any god. That there appears to be a god for all religions, sometimes multiple gods, with wings and trunks and sharp pointy things.

Except Buddhism. They have no gods, but would still like to stay in the picture if you please.

I blame science, or the lack of it where and when it matters. Science is the ability to ask ‘What if?‘. Religion goes more along the lines of ‘God says it is true so don’t question it, amen.

Maybe I should make a graph. These halfhearted talks aren’t the way to go…

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What? How?

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Ever since I had my stroke till almost now I’ve figured, quite wrongly, that my disability was in my hand and leg… not in my brain.

I feel sheepish, and stupid.

I mean I knew it was all in my head but I didn’t know it was in my head. Makes sense?


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Last Will and Testement: A Rethunk

If this country supports it, and I would be able to I’d like to donate my organs. Though what anyone would want with them confuses me. I mean, I have very poor sight, half my body doesn’t work and I got lumps on the rest of it…

Still, if they want it they can have it. Burn the rest, and send in the clowns.

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Last Will and Testament

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‘cos I don’t have one so, bite me.

And it’s not like I’m going to kill myself after I am done writing… just thought it would be a good idea since you never know. And I do think I am going to die eventually because anyone working on a cure for death won’t be getting there in time.

My darling Abby, I don’t know when you will get to read this but know that I love you. Ben, I love you two even though I haven’t met you. All I own I want divided among you, 50/50 to the best of Mud’s ability. I know it’s not a lot but I’m trying to make it better.

I don’t believe in another place, heaven or hell so…

And now for the the burial arrangements. Well, there aren’t any. As soon as you are able to, I mean while I am still literally warm or when you get my body, take it to the crematorium and burn it. Don’t embalm me or stick me in coffin and make acquaintances look at me for days. My body is scarred and partially useless but it’s mine and I love it, and it is going to smell in this weather before long so burn it and carry on living.

Do with ashes what you want. If you have to have a ‘ceremony’ do a ‘clown’ one. I’d like that. 🙂


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